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Coronavirus Update For Mexico's Caribbean

COVID-19 in Cancun, Tulum, Cozumel & More

Updated January 21, 2022

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Mexico Covid-19 Coronavirus Update - Cancun covid, tulum covid, playa del carmen covid, cozumel covid, Mexico covid, cancun coronavirus, Tulum coronavirus, Cozumel coronavirus, Mexico coronavirus

Covid-19 Mexico Overview

If you plan to visit Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and the Mexican Caribbean region, here is a snapshot of what you can expect. While only you can determine your risk tolerance and make travel decisions, this guide will provide information to help you make an informed decision. Note that regulations can change rapidly, so consult government websites for additional coronavirus updates.

If you plan to visit Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and the Mexican Caribbean region, here is a snapshot of what you can expect.

While only you can determine your risk tolerance and make travel decisions, this guide will provide information to help you make an informed decision. Note that regulations can change rapidly, so consult government websites for additional coronavirus updates.


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Current Coronavirus Status

Inside Yucatan and Quintana Roo

  • The first cases of the Omicron variant were detected in Cancun on December 16th, 2021. Covid case numbers in Quintana Roo had been declining since August, but have begun rising again since December 18th, 2021. As of January 21st, 2022 Quintana Roo is currently averaging approximately 659 new Covid cases a day in a state with a population of 1.85+ million.
  • Each state in Mexico is assigned one of four colors (green, yellow, orange, red) based on current rates of infection and hospital occupancy.
  • The status of Quintana Roo (Cancun, Tulum, Cozumel, etc.) is currently YELLOW meaning moderate risk.
  • On January 20th, it was announced that Quintana Roo will move into the ORANGE designation from January 24th to January 30th, 2022.
  • When Quintana Roo was last under the ORANGE designation in 2020, hotels & restaurants reduced indoor capacity to 30%,  supermarkets operated at 75% and bars, nightclubs, cinemas and public parks were temporarily closed. Bars that also sell food are technically “restaurants” so they remained open. Announcements have not been made yet for the regulations going into effect on January 24th, 2022, but I’ll keep this updated!
  • Case numbers in the islands of Cozumel, Isla Mujeres and Holbox are still fairly low.
  • As of January 21st, 2022, hospital occupancy is currently 0% full in Isla Mujeres, 9% in Cozumel, 13% in Playa, 12% in Tulum and 18% full in Cancun. Hospitalizations continue to stay low as the majority of local adults are now vaccinated. More information about cases, hospitalizations and vaccination rates is further down the page.

much more info below


  • Hotels, Restaurants, Theme parks, Historic sites, Tour-guide services, Shopping centers and Cinemas are now open at 80% of their total capacity.
  • There is no longer a curfew in Quintana Roo.
Island Life Mexico

* While in Quintana Roo, visitors must observe all federal and local health measures, including wearing a mask while in public places—including in hotels, shops and restaurants where required.

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Holbox Hotel Guide. Where to stay in Holbox

Negative Test Requirements

Info for Visitors Leaving Mexico

Beginning January, 26th 2021, all passengers DEPARTING Mexico for the United States are now required to provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test administered within 24 hours of departure. But don’t worry. Testing is readily available at many locations as outlined below. We also suggest getting Travel Insurance in case you get a positive test and have to extend your stay a few days to get a negative test, though this seems to be very rare. Our visitors almost unanimously choose either a Generali or Trawick International Safe Travels plan (both Forbes top-rated travel insurance plans of 2021), but you can easily compare quotes from all the top travel insurance plans here.

Note: The U.S. accepts the results of both rapid antigen and PCR tests.

Get Tested At A Lab

While getting tested at your hotel is often free and convenient, their is the possibility of testing positive and being forced into mandatory quarantines. For this reason, some prefer getting tested at an outside lab, as it will allow visitors to self-quarantine and keep getting tested until they get a negative test. You can click here for a list of Quintana Roo labs providing Covid-19 testing, though in any major tourist area you will see signs for testing labs everywhere. This list is provided by the local authorities and may change at any time.

Get Tested In Your Hotel

Many major hotels across Mexico including Cancun, Riviera Maya, Cozumel and Tulum are offering Covid-19 Testing services to their guests for free or for a special fee. Please contact your hotel DIRECTLY for information and details. If your hotel does not offer testing and you want to be tested before going to the airport, click here for a list of Quintana Roo labs providing Covid-19 Testing. This list is provided by the local authorities and may change at any time.

Get Tested At The Airport

To facilitate the negative test requirements in the US and other countries, Covid-19 testing is available at most airports in Mexico.

In Cancun Airport, testing is located at each departure terminal for passengers needing a rapid Covid-19 test. Testing is open from 6AM to 9PM and takes approximately 30 minutes to get the results. Cancun has ANTIGEN tests only which are fine for the U.S. but not accepted in certain European countries. The test costs approximately 290 pesos (US $14) per antigen test.

Mexico Covid-19 Coronavirus Update - Cancun covid, tulum covid, playa del carmen covid, cozumel covid, Mexico covid, cancun coronavirus, Tulum coronavirus, Cozumel coronavirus, Mexico coronavirus
Best cenotes in yucatan. Best cenotes in Tulum.

The Experience

If you visit Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Cozumel today, you can still have an exciting experience. As noted above, most tourist sights are now open and welcoming guests. Be prepared to wear a mask whenever around other people, but otherwise, the experience is similar to most years, only with far fewer tourists!

Begin planning your visit here

Mexico Covid-19 Coronavirus Update - Cancun covid, tulum covid, playa del carmen covid, cozumel covid, Mexico covid, cancun coronavirus, Tulum coronavirus, Cozumel coronavirus, Mexico coronavirus
Mexico Covid-19 Coronavirus Update - Cancun covid, tulum covid, playa del carmen covid, cozumel covid, Mexico covid, cancun coronavirus, Tulum coronavirus, Cozumel coronavirus, Mexico coronavirus

The Big Question

Is It Safe To Visit Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum or Cozumel During Covid-19?

So is visiting places like Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Cozumel safe? That is ultimately up to you to decide. No destination with cases is 100% safe, and if COVID is around, there is always a risk. However, this is what the situation in Quintana Roo currently looks like:


As of January 21st, 2022, there have been 74,998 total cases and 4,142 deaths in the state of Quintana Roo since the pandemic began.


Hospitals as a whole are currently operating at under 10% capacity. All of the cities have high-quality hospitals that will generally take tourists. People commonly report that hospital bills are significantly lower at these hospitals than in the U.S.


Quintana Roo received its first doses of the vaccine in Cancun starting January 11th, 2021. Currently, more than 89% of the adult population in the state have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Quintana Roo began booster vaccines for high risk locals in November 2021. Vaccines and boosters are currently not available for visiting foreigners in Quintana Roo.

Begin planning your visit here


When going on vacation in the time of Covid, Travel Insurance is a must in our opinion. Most of the current policies cover Covid medical issues as well as vacation delays due to Covid. They typically even cover your hotel if you test positive in Mexico and have to extend your trip a few days until you get a negative test. Our visitors almost unanimously choose either an AIG, Generali or Trawick Safe Travels plan (all Forbes top-rated travel insurance plans of 2021), but you can easily compare quotes from all the top travel insurance plans here.



Cancun, Islands, Tulum and More

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  1. And now it is orange in Quintana Roo. Thank you for being such a good resource! We are wondering how the capacity affects restaurants and bars that are mostly outdoors. Does everyone just move outside or do they limit capacity at the front door? For example Xpu Ha, the Buena Vida in Akumal. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Erica, take a look at my response to Suzanne above. I’ve updated the page above and will keep updating once they go to orange on Monday.

  2. Hello, I am travelling to riviera maya next month from the UK. Are excursions still going ahead now it has changed to yellow?

  3. Traveling the end of January. If the code is changed to orange does this mean the occupancy percentage at the hotels will change? I can’t seem to find the rules anywhere to have a plan B.
    Thanks for any feedback

    1. Hotel occupancy would change if we move to orange but I have heard no indication that is in the cards. Now that Q Roo has reopened for tourism, locals are mostly vaccinated and hospital occupancy remains low, the government is hoping orange won’t happen again.

      1. The announcement was made last night that Q Roo was moving to orange 1/24 how does that change things for those of us scheduled to arrive next week? Thank you!

        1. Thanks Suzanne! Yeah they said they weren’t going to go back to orange, then they went back to orange. Such is life. I’ve updated what I know so far above and will keep updating with what’s happening on the ground next week.

  4. Hi Daniel, I am (reluctantly) attending a music festival at Moon Palace next week since we have not been offered a refund option. I have read on the event Facebook pages that private resorts are exempt from state covid restrictions? Can you confirm if that is true or not? We are concerned if Quintana Roo moves to orange we will definitely not have the vacation we’ve paid for. Thanks!

    1. I can’t image a resort would be exempt from state laws, but I also don’t see any indication that we will be moving to orange. Check in with the Moon Palace about the festival though.

  5. Hi Daniel,
    We are planning on travelling Feb 1,2022 for 2 weeks and staying at Riu Caribe.
    would it be wise to stay at the resort for most of the stay and avoiding Cancun and outside of resort restaurants ?
    I’ve also seen you said you believe it would peak around Jan 20, does it seem that way ? or is it fairly safe to travel in your opinion ?

    Thanks for your time

    1. I’d say venture out for a good meal or to hit a different beach while you’re there, but that’s just me. If you are high risk, take whatever precautions you feel comfortable with. My speculation about the 20th was based on when Omicron numbers peaked in South Africa, the United Kingdom and now the US. It’s purely speculation though, but so far it looks fairly reasonable that Q Roo numbers will start to go down in the coming weeks. I’ll keep the site updated though!

  6. Hello, I am visiting Cancun and staying at Grand oasis cancun Feb 3- Feb 8. We booked out trip three months ago for a bachelor party.
    Was just wondering, is it busy in Cancun at the moment? How are the resorts? Are there lots of resort parties?

    1. The peak holiday season has passed but it is winter so there are plenty of tourists enjoying the sunny Cancun weather. I don’t know about resort parties, sorry.

  7. Hi
    Thank you for all the information on this site. I will be travelling to cancun from next week. I see the county status has changed to yellow. What does this look like currently? Are bars and clubs now closed? What are the current restrictions when out and about during the day? Thank you

    1. Bars and Restaurants are currently open. Not much is changed. Plenty of tourists are here having a wonderful time! 🙂

      1. Me and my family are coming in Jan 25th and I have alot of questions before coming. I can’t get in touch with anyone on the phone. What are they doing to keep everyone safe ? Does everyone wear masks every where but out side ? I’m a diabetic with other health problems due to having covid in 2020. I just wanna feel safe and I’m fully vaccinated. Thank you.

        1. Hey Amanda. Most people wear masks in all public spaces, but it really depends where you are. Tourists more often don’t wear the masks and no one really wears them at the beach or poolside. They typically take temperature checks to enter buildings and have hand sanitizer at the door. Overall they do a good job trying to keep people safe that want to be. Obviously, if you’re concerned I would suggest not going into crowded tourist bars, but they’re easily avoided!

  8. Quinta Roo is yellow right now. Can you tell me based on the current CoVid statistics if this is likely to turn to orange? Who amakes that determination, and how frequently?

    1. The governor of Q Roo makes determinations but individual mayors may implement their own restrictions. Not seeing many restrictions yet since going to yellow on 1/10. I think the local authorities don’t want to restrict tourism again if possible. Looking at how things went in South Africa and the UK, the peak of the Omicron wave seems to be happening around 3 to 4 weeks after its arrival. If Mexico follows a similar path, I think we’ll hopefully see the peak around 1/20 and then a decline in cases. Hospital occupancy rates are still low and most locals are vaccinated. I’ve heard nothing about going to orange, so let’s just hope for the best.

  9. Thanx for all the info!
    I’ve been traveling over the last couple of years without going home (Bosnia) and didn’t get a chance to be vaccinated. In fact, Mexico is the first country where I plan to stay long enough to get two shots, if necessary. Has the situation changed since your summer replies, that is, do you know if it’s now possible to get vaccinated as a foreign national (not a resident, here as a tourist) and where?

  10. I will be visiting Mexico on the january the 27th. Based on what i have seen everything in the quintana roo is on yellow at the moment. Is it still possible to go on nights out, when vaccinated?

    1. Yes, but there may be some curfews in the coming weeks. I’d expect them to be around midnight like last time if they happen at all. That still leaves plenty of time for the beach and dinner and drinks out!

  11. Hi! We are travelling to Mexico in 2 weeks – arrival on 22.01.2022. We know status now is yellow but we’re afraid it will change to orange next week or the week after… Can you still visit like for e.x. cenotes/ Chitzen Itza or go to restaurants when status is orange? We are travelling around in Yucatan for 2 weeks so it would be a shame if we have to stop our trip halfway because of that…

    PS: Love your website!

    1. Glad you love the website Dieke! Looking at how things went in South Africa and the UK, the peak of the Omicron wave seems to be happening around 3 to 4 weeks after its arrival. If Mexico follows a similar path, I think we’ll hopefully see the peak around 1/20 and then a decline in cases. Hospital occupancy rates are still low. I’ve heard nothing about going to orange, so let’s just hope for the best.

  12. Hi There,

    I have a question I am hoping you can help with.

    My family and I are travelling to Puerto Morelos in a couple of days from Canada. We have booked a company to come perform a COVID-19 PCR test at our hotel prior to our departure. I am wondering if any of our results are positive, is the hotel and local authorities notified? And if so, are we able to leave the resort and choose an accommodation to quarantine in until we can fly home? We have a list of Air bnb properties lined up should we need to do so. Any information and help on this would be greatly appreciated. Much thanks! Andy and family.

    1. I’m not sure about the person you have booked specifically, but typically outside labs DO NOT report your test results to anyone. They should email you the results discreetly.

  13. I’m medically mask exempt and cannot wear any sort of face covering. Are these exemptions honoured in Mexico?

    1. Not that I know of. They still require masks at most indoor public spaces. You can spend the vast majority of your time outdoors and live mostly mask free though. I suggest eating at outdoor restaurants as it’s 85 degrees and sunny here today!

  14. I am visiting Holbox later this month. Can I purchase my bus ticket from Cancun to Chiquila (forgive me if I spelled it wrong) on the date of my arrival or should I purchase it before hand?

  15. Like everyone in Canada I have to wait 6 weeks after my last vaccine shot to receive a booster and the earliest I can get a booster shot is Feb 10th and I will be in Playa Del Carmen from Jan 9th – April 6th and so I Googled Googled trying to find a location that gives booster shots and thus far I can’t find anyplace.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. As a visiting foreigner, you cannot receive Covid vaccines in Mexico. They are reserved for Mexican residents only.

    2. All provinces are different. My Doctor gave me a note/prescription so I could get my booster shot earlier than the mandatory waiting period. I just told my Dr. that I had travel booked and he recommended that I get a booster before I left. No problem.

  16. Where can I go for covid vaccination in Cancun Mexico? I’m in Cancun now and was only vaccinated once for Moderna. I ask because I need to travel to another country.

    1. As a visiting foreigner, you cannot receive Covid vaccines in Mexico. They are reserved for Mexican residents only.

  17. Thank you for providing great up to date information. Wanted to ask if there are resorts that only accept the vaccinated? We’d love to find a beautiful resort where we feel safe with travelers who are all fully vaccinated.

    1. I’m not sure about that. I would suggest contacting a few hotels, but I kind of doubt they will have those types of restrictions. Most resorts here are 90% open-air spaces (besides your room of course!) so it’s not as confined as a cruise ship. Hope that helps!

      1. Are there any vaccination requirements for ENTERING Cozumel? I cannot find anything on it either way. Thank you

  18. What is the protocol if you test positive in Cancun and can’t return to the United States? Is there a list of hotels or airbnbs that allow you to stay there while in quarantine?

    1. If you test positive at your hotel, you will be required to stay at your hotel typically. I suggest getting tested at an outside clinic, so you have more flexibility as you self quarantine.

      1. What happens if you test positive at your hotel? How long does QR require you to isolate? How do you get released from
        Isolation, etc? (i.e. No symptoms? A negative rapid test?)
        I am trying to find a copy of the local COVID regulations but my Spanish is jot good enough! Thanks!

        1. There is a disparity between hotels it seems. Some require shorter or longer isolations and will base it on tests and/or symptoms. My understanding is the new guidance will make hotel quarantine 5 days soon. Unfortunately, I don’t have more information on that at this point.

  19. Hi! Thanks for a great website!

    I am visiting Isla Holbox and Isla Mujeres, arriving in december and leaving in January

    I am wondering how tourits will be isolated if testing positive before leaving mexico?

    I am traveling with my little daugther, who is not vaccinated. In case she will test positive, we would need to be isolated where we are able to use our own garden and so. She is 3 years old, and isolating at a hotel room for 14 days seems impossible. it is possible to decide where to isolate oneself?

    Best regards

    1. Hi Ina, glad you like the site! So I would suggest getting tested at a local clinic instead of at the hotel. That way if you test positive, you can isolate yourself wherever you’d like and keep getting tested daily until you get a negative test.

  20. Hi Daniel,
    Nice website, very informative, I really appreciate your responses. We will be visiting Playa Del Carmen & Merida around Christmas. Will major historical sites like Chichen Itza, Tulum, Muyil, Coba, Ek Balam, Uxmal etc remain open including holidays? Where can I find this information for each site? Thanks.

        1. Yes, it should be all open. I was just in that area on vacation. A lot of people trying to sell tours there. I didnt go as I have been before.

    1. Hi it is great to be able to ask questions about Mexico.
      We are supposed to spend seven weeks in a condo in Puerto Morales. Is it safe to go there due to Covid?
      Are all the restaurant open and the beach?
      Thank you for the response

      1. “Safe” is subjective as people react differently to Covid. That’s a decision you’ll have to make, but I’ve provided a good deal of info above to get you started. Restaurants and beaches are open 🙂

  21. Hello! Great website and information, thank you! Regarding the requirement about wearing facemask in public places; are beaches and streets included?

    1. Hey Sofia, glad you like the site! Masks are typically only worn on the street or in outdoor spaces if there are crowds. If you’re just walking down the street, no need, but keep one on hand just in case. No masks needed on beaches, in pools, etc.

  22. Hey Daniel,

    Can you please let me know if you need to show proof of vaccine anywhere like restaurants, bars, clubs? Are unvaccinated people still welcome, with mask and distance where necessary of course.

    Thank you!

    1. Heya Jess. You don’t need to show proof of vaccine anywhere that I know of. Everybody is welcome everywhere! 🙂 I definitely recommend Travel Insurance though to everyone now just in case.

  23. Is it possible to update the Covid statistics, including vaccination rates, more often than once a week. This is a great source of information for tourists wishing to visit but like the information that you post. Alternatively, is there a link that you can send us to that details info on Cancun specifically.
    Also, has the Cancún airport taken any precautions for tourists waiting on the immigration lines ?

    1. Hey there, I’m glad you like the site! We do our best to provide the best and most up to date info. I’ll try to update more than once a week, but at this point information doesn’t change much daily. Vaccination rates are culled from government announcements and I can’t track it any more regularly. As for Cancun specifically, you can take a look at this website for some additional information. Cancun is labeled as Benito Juarez municipality. Hope that helps!

    1. No, it is not. There are no testing requirements when entering Mexico. Only when returning to the United States if that is where you’re coming from.

  24. Thank you for very informative posting!
    I am from Canada, and this vaccine is not available here.
    I wonder, if tourist can get Janssen vaccination in Playa del Carmen?

    1. Hi Alena, happy you like the website! I don’t know of any clinics offering the vaccines to foreigners at this point, but that’s not to say it isn’t happening. I think you would probably have better access in Canada though.

      1. Hi Kate, did you find any local option to get the vaccine in Mexico (Playa / Cancún)? Facing a similar situation on my upcoming trip and return to the USA. Thank you!

  25. Are the Xcaret parks limited capacity? Is it fully masked? We are all fully vaxxed, do we need to show proof at the parks? Thx!

    1. I think the Xcaret parks are open to 80% capacity right now, which between you and me is pretty much perfect! haha. You are not required to show vaccine proof, but I would recommend you bring a photo of it at least just in case and check the park website for any updates.

  26. We will be visiting around Thanksgiving. Wondering what the masking requirements are with the Green level currently in place, particularly with private transfers. It looks like from the Current Protocols section above masking is still required in public places, which I think that means it would include private transfers to resorts. Just wanting to double-check if that does seem to mean the driver would be masked.

    1. Mask requirements are still in place, so the drivers will definitely be wearing masks unless things change between now and then. Have a wonderful visit!

      1. Bus drivers still masking up but I’m wondering if all passengers are required to wear face covering on ADO buses? I’d like to go over to Valladolid or Merida by bus if masks are required for passengers.

      2. Hi Daniel, just wondering where you got the current vaccination rates from? Could you please provide link so we can follow. Also, do you know of any hotels that have mandatory vaccination for staff?

        1. Hey there Ruth. The governor of Quintan Roo puts out messages about the vaccination rates. There isn’t really a site I know of that updates that information besides ours. I know that a lot of resorts have vaccinated their entire staff, but not sure of any specific ones to recommend in that regard. Have a wonderful trip!

  27. We are planning our vacation in the city if Cancun in November 2021. Is the “nightlife” in Cancun normally? For example bars and danceclubs are open (and not only until 12 pm, not for dancing an something like this) .

    1. Bars are now open at 80% capacity and without curfews. Nightclubs are also open but at reduced capacities. Have fun!

  28. Hello

    I plan to come to tulum 21st to 25th october
    Are bars / clubs / parties open till late (2-3am)
    Is weather favorable ?

    1. Curfew has been lifted so bars, etc. should be open late again. As for the weather, this is the peak rainy/hurricane season so keep an eye on the forecast. It could be 90 degrees and sunny or 60 degrees and rainy. Hard to guess this time of year.

  29. Hi Daniel – thanks for all your helpful responses. We’ll be arriving at Cancun Airport late on Thursday 7th (around midnight). What do you recommend as the best way to get to the Zona Hotelera at this time? Will this be an issue with the current curfew? Thanks

  30. Hey – thanks for the page.. is it really required for tourists to wear a mask in public areas in Quintana Roo at the moment?

    1. It is in certain places. I suggest always having a mask with you (except at the pool or beach of course!) and if others are wearing them, you should as well.

  31. We had a holiday booked to Akumal leaving today but it has been cancelled due to the UK still being reluctant to let us visit Mexico. Have re-booked for the end of the month and have fingers and toes crossed we will get there! So happy to find your page with such reassuring updates, thank you!

  32. What about Costa Maya ? We are stopping there on our cruise in a couple weeks, and Google seems to think many things there are temporarily closed… We aren’t looking for tours, just a bar or restaurant near the pier…

    1. Hey Jeff, October is typically the low season so there is a chance that some things may be closed for the month. That being said, I wouldn’t trust the Google “temporarily closed” designations. The restaurant by my house still says “temporarily closed” on Google Maps but they’ve been reopened for 8 months! Look at the restaurant’s FB page might be better. They tend to update those.

    1. Hey Lily, the QRoo government shows only 3 known active cases in Puerto Morelos right now and the hospitals are at 100% availability. Looks pretty good.

  33. Our resort offers PCR covid testing but are very expensive , how safe and reliable are the labs you listed? I have been in touch with one of them and said they would come to our resort and do the tests.

  34. Hello, I heard that Isla Mujeres cancelled their Dia De Los Muertos festival. Is that correct? If so, will we still be able to visit the island during that time? Thanks!

    1. That is the first I’ve heard of this cancellation so I’d double check that before you cancel your plans. It might be a mistake or a misunderstanding by someone. Isla Mujeres is definitely open and welcoming guests at this point 🙂

  35. thanks for all the information! Are you aware if there is Covid testing available at the airport in Cozumel? I’ll be staying at the Allegro Cozumel and not sure if they have Covid testing on premises for a return trip to the USA, do you know?

    1. I’m not sure, but there are a number of labs in town you can get tested at. You could call a taxi and just tell them you want to go get tested and they’ll take you somewhere. It’s around $30-$40 for an antigen test and you’ll get the results in about an hour.

  36. Hi Daniel,

    Thank you so much for this website and keeping it so up to date! Because of you I just booked a ticket to Cancun this december. Now I’m going to find and book some nice places to stay. I will refer to tips on your site 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

    Esther from NL

    1. Hey Jack. Not sure. They just switched to yellow recently so the curfew may go away soon. I’ll post updates here when things change.

  37. we will be visiting Barcelona Resort the first week of November 2021, what is the color zone there and will every thing be open including indoor dinning and bars.

    thank you

    Lee Ann

    1. Do you mean the Barcelo Maya resort in Riviera Maya? If so, the color is now yellow and indoor dining and bars should be open. Have a great trip!

  38. Hi,

    Am a Belgian citizen (fully vaccinated). Will be in Canada (Montréal) from November 3rd till November 9th 2021. Am planning to fly from there to Cozumel for a 10 days stay. Flying back to Brussels out of Cancun on November 19th 2021. Do I need to go through any quarantine ? Thanks in advance for all your great input and insights.

  39. We are traveling on 12/16/2021 and staying first night in hotel zone cancun. Are there restaurants that are open late for dinner? How late are the clubs open?

    1. Heya Jasmine. Many restaurants are open until 11. Curfew is still midnight but could change soon. By December things could change dramatically though so check back here often!

    1. Hi Erin. Just have the kids wear masks when in obvious mask-wearing situations 🙂 Case numbers are on the decline as the vast majority of locals are now vaccinated. Have a wonderful safe trip!

    1. I’m not sure if they’re requiring them Richard, but the vast, vast majority of resort workers are vaccinated at this point. The latest government report said that 89% of tourism workers were vaccinated as of a few weeks ago. Probably even higher now.

  40. Hi
    We are coming at thé end of november, in december we want to go to Costa Rica. Are thé flights with Volaris are a good plan or is it often cancel because there is less tourists? Thanks

    1. I haven’t heard any chatter about Volaris flights being cancelled so I’m not sure. American Airlines flights were having some cancellation issues on weekday flights earlier in the year, but I think they’ve gotten a little better now.

  41. Hi and thanks for the up to date info on the Covid19 matter.
    About the face masks, is it obligated to wear face masks out on the streets, or just recommended?
    If only recommended, what do most people do, wearing them or not?



    1. Hey Rob. Facemasks are technically required when out in public but some people don’t adhere to this. I recommend using those super light weight disposable medical light blue masks because you barely notice them in the heat here as opposed to the heavier cloth masks that get sweaty and uncomfortable almost immediately. You can also easily tuck them into your pocket when you sit down to dinner, get to the beach or hit the pool!

  42. We are supposed to travel to Riviera Maya in November 2021. We are vaccinated, but I am worried about getting sick there and not receiving good health care. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Sunny. There are high-quality hospitals and medical care facilities available in the larger tourist destinations such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. They are fairly accessible from most places in the Riviera Maya.

    1. Hey Nina. The Federal Government just announced they will change the Q Roo from orange to yellow this week, but the local governor is keeping the state at orange for right now. I’d expect this to change in the coming weeks if cases continue to fall. I would also expect the curfew to end soon! I’ll keep this page updated with any changes.

  43. We are traveling to Valentin Imperial Maya in 2 weeks. Will we have to wear masks outside around pool, walking on property, or at the beach?

    1. Hey Kevin. Masks are not typically required at pools and beaches in resorts. Only in enclosed spaces like walking through lobbies and internal hallways. Have fun!

  44. Hi Daniel! We live in Miami. We have reservations to arrive in the Riviera Maya October 12, 2021. We are concerned about the rising numbers due to the Delta strain of the Corona virus. Do you believe it’s safe to travel to the Riviera Maya at this time? Awaiting your response! Thank you in advance!

    1. Hey Aida. The numbers in Quintana Roo are significantly lower than in the States right now. Masks are still required inside in public areas and most locals are vaccinated. These mitigation efforts seem to be working. If you’re vaccinated already, the risks here are probably less than Florida. Hope that helps!

  45. Hi Daniel, we are arriving Cancun this weekend and will stay near Puerto Morelos for a week.

    Could you please let me know how bad it is there due to Grace? Do you have power back? Can people go beaches and jump into the hotel swimming pool?

    Could you please also update the daily COVID-19 cases in Quintana Roo? Thank you very much!

    1. Hey David, I’m over in Cozumel but it’s not too bad here after Grace and we took a pretty big hit. We have power and the roads are already cleared. My guess is Puerto Morelos faired similarly and they’re cleaning up today. I’d expect power, swimming pools and beaches will be just fine this weekend, but you could try contacting your hotel to be sure. I updated all the stats on the site today! 🙂

  46. Great site! Do you know anywhere we can get an *urgent* PCR test in or around Cancun? We are in Valladolid and had planned to do it here within 72 hours before our flight, but all the testing labs here have *closed* due to the hurricane. We arrive in Cancun on Friday evening and will need an overnight PCR test with results within 12-18 hours for a flight Saturday midday. (Needs to be PCR, not antigen.) Any tips for emergency/rapid testing labs?

  47. HI Daniel,

    Thanks for this post, it’s super helpful! I’ve been keeping an eye on the cases and today there was a very high number, although yesterday was very low so I suppose the weekly average won’t be too high. How is the situation looking? I am due to travel on August 28th and am a bit worried it will go red. Is this likely? Do you know when the traffic light system is updated and if there is any warning prior?

    Thanks again!

    1. Hey Alex, glad you like the page! I try to update it every couple days with the latest info. So, it’s always better to look at the 7 day rolling average rather than a spike on a specific date as they could just be reporting two days data on the same day. Overall things are going well here with vaccinations continuing and the vast majority of the adult population here being vaccinated at this point. The governor has said he won’t implement lockdowns again so red is probably out of the question now. Come on down and have a wonderful time!

  48. We will be staying at El Cozumeleno hotel in Cozumel September 25 for a week. Are you required to wear a mask while you are having dinner in their restarants .

    1. Hi Robert. People don’t typically wear masks in the outdoor spaces of resorts, the pool area, the beach, etc and they don’t wear masks when seated at the table of any restaurants. You’ll need to have a mask with you for walking through the hallways and the lobby, but that’s about it. Easy peasy!

  49. Could you tell me about the seaweed situation in Playa del Carmen at this time? We will be staying at Royal Hideaway in Mid September and wonder about the amount of seaweed around the resort. We love to walk on the white sandy beach and get in the ocean but thinking about the huge amount of daily seaweed that washes ashore is a big turnoff and may be a reason not to go.
    Thank you for your feedback.

  50. Hi – I’m travelling to Playa Del Carmen next week. Other than proof of vaccination, are there any health forms that need to be filled out before going through customs?

    1. Proof of vaccination is not required to enter Mexico. Neither is a negative Covid test. You can enter freely but the United States and other countries require a negative test when you return.

      1. Daniel, do you think Cancun will be out of level Orange by mid October? Will the bars be open later? Also with have bars shut down by 11pm is that in Cancun or does that include the hotel bars?

        1. Hey Andy, I honestly have no idea if they will go back to level yellow by mid October but it is possible. They’ve already talked about making the curfew 1am instead of midnight. Hotel bars also typically close at 11pm because their employees still have to be home in time for the midnight curfew. Everyone is still having a great time regardless!

    1. Nothing is required. I’d suggest bringing a swimsuit and some flip-flops. Everything else is optional 🙂

      1. Hi Daniel, is it true that Cancun is at hi risk category red…. What are the Restrictions and our bars nightclubs restaurants open or closed

        1. That is NOT correct. Quintana Roo and the Riviera Maya are still in orange. I don’t think it will go back to red honestly. Vaccinations are happening here pretty quickly now that the cruise ships are coming back and more than 65% of adults in Q.Roo are vaccinated now, including most tourism workers. Restaurants and Bars can be open till 11pm. Clubs are closed I believe, but check when you arrive.

  51. What happens if we stay at all inclusive and test positive before our departure? Are there any protocols in place how will the hotel handle this?

    1. Hey Angie, that is really up to the resort. You should speak to them about their policies and definitely consider getting travel insurance here.

  52. Hi Daniel. I wonder if you can help. My daughters aged 18 and 20 are trying to get a rapid antigen test for a flight which leaves tomorrow. They’re in Oaxaca today and fly to Cancun tonight. They could do the test today in Oaxaca or in Cancun tomorrow morning. They’re finding it hard to get a test in Oaxaca. Any tips there or in Cancun for an emergency test? They can get PCR but I think the results might take too long to come through. They’re desperate…. thank you.

  53. Hey Daniel! Awesome site and your responses are so helpful! Can you recommend safe areas to stay for solo travellers in Play del Carmen, where to stay away from, and daytime pool party places? Thanks!

    1. Hey AJ, glad you like the site! I think if you stay close to the main tourist street in Playa you should be okay. Centro is cool to venture into during the daytime and has some good restaurants. A good rule of thumb is the farther you go from the beach, the less safe it may become. Check out Deck 5 for that pool party vibe.

  54. Hello, we are traveling to Tulum Aug 25-29. Can you please let me know what are the restrictions there right now? Are the cases high in Tulum? Are masks required everywhere? Do we need a COVID test before arrival? Thank You so much!

    1. Hey there. Most of the restrictions are outlined above. Most businesses are operating at 60-70% capacity. Curfew is midnight. Masks are required in most public places but not in the pool, in restaurants or at the beach. You do NOT need a negative Covid test before arrival. Case numbers are fairly low in Tulum, the government says there are 21 active cases but testing is not as prevalent here. I think you’ll find your visit fairly normal and fun!

  55. Hi Daniel,
    We are flying down to Cancun airport September 1st for 10 days at a resort.
    I have heard that the Mayan Riviera went from an amber to a red alert regarding covid. Is this true?
    We both are fully vaccinated, is it a good time to come down?
    We will have additional insurance should there be an emergency but how do I get coverage in case we test positive when leaving the resort? We leave from Canada and fly into Dallas (so we require a negative test to have an hour and half stopover there correct)? and then onto Cancun to the resort.
    Any information you may have will be extremely helpful – Thank you Darcie

    1. Hey Darcie! Quintana Roo and the Riviera Maya are still in orange. I don’t think it will go back to red honestly. Vaccinations are happening here pretty quickly now that the cruise ships are coming back and more than 65% of adults in Q.Roo are vaccinated now, including most tourism workers. September should be fine for a visit, but obviously, things can change in a month so check back here for updates. For travel insurance, you can definitely find the best prices here. I hope that helps!

  56. Hi,

    Is it still true that bars and clubs close at 11:00PM in Cancun/Tulum? Trying to plan a trip there


    1. It is true but, don’t let that sway you, there is plenty of fun to be had during the day and into the evening. At this point, the bars close at 11 and folks are required to be back in their hotels by midnight. If your hotel has a bar, that might be a different story though. Not sure.

  57. Hi, thank you very much for your great web! May we have a question? We book our trip to Yucatan for 3 weeks August/September. On some older forums we read an information that there are some restriction in number of people in a rented car. Is it true? We plan to be a family of 6 in car for 7. I absolutely can´t find an information….Thanks a lot, Astrid

    1. I have not heard of or seen this restriction. Vans and large taxis seem to be operating at full capacity everywhere. Maybe that person was talking about last year’s lockdown?

  58. Hi Dan, thanks for a very helpful website.

    Am due to fly to Cancun on 7th September for 9 nights from London with my fiancé. At the moment our tour operator is cancelling holidays with two weeks notice though we have found other operators who are still flying.

    Can we ask about the curfew in place as hearing mixed messages? ALl bars outside of the hotel close at 11, clubs not open, in our hotel (Rui Cancun) club not open but 24-hour sports bar is. We have contacted the hotel and currently await their reply.

    Obviously if our holiday is cancelled we have a very short window to re-book so trying to find out as much information as we can.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey there Heidi. So yes, the curfew is in effect with bars closing at 11pm, though there is chatter about moving that to 12am. There is so much to do during the day, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. The important thing is the pool bars are open! haha. I can’t imagine a scenario where you have your tour cancelled as the governor has stated that there will not be any more lockdowns and more than 65% of local adults are already vaccinated. Obviously, a lot could change between now and then, but keep checking back here and we will do our best to update you on any changes.

  59. Hi Dan,

    Thank you for all the first hand information on Cancun area. As you may know the Delta variant affections have increased significantly. What is the latest situation at Riviera Maya? How many new cases are reported everyday? Thank you!

    1. Hey Dave, right now they’re reporting around 400 new cases a day in the whole state of Quintana Roo. Testing is not as prevalent here as it is in the States though, but vaccinations are happening in a major way here. More than 65% of adults are vaccinated and they just received another large shipment of vaccines. Near the bottom of this page, I update the daily number of new cases every few days. Feel free to bookmark and check back often!

      1. Hi Dan! Thanks so much for all of this info!

        Me and three other friends will be traveling to Playa Del Carmen august 10th-16th for my birthday. We’re wondering if clubs are open currently. We’ve heard there is a 12am curfew, and were excited about clubbing, but from reading other comments it seems that clubs are closed? Are they still closed and if so, what do you think the likely hood of them reopening/curfew being dismissed in the next week will be?

        1. Clubs are closed for now and I doubt they will reopen in the next week. But in Playa there are plenty of pool party places where you can listen to DJs and swim and watch the sunset and have an awesome time anyway.

  60. I have a question, My boyfriend and I will be traveling from the U.S to Riviera Maya 8/15/21-8/20/21. We’re staying at all inclusive adult only Resort will we need a negative covid test upon arrival? And if so how many hours ahead of time will it need to be to count? Is this something I can obtain instantly @ the Mexico airport upon arrival? I read somewhere where it said unless you provide proof of vaccination or negative testing that you can’t enter Riviera Maya Public places, is this true? Do we need this to be @ the Resort area we’ve already reserved? Please let me know, thanks!

    1. Hey Tonia, so the Quintana Roo Tourism Board has stated that hotels and restaurants won’t require proof of vaccination or negative test results from tourists. Only from their own staff.

  61. Daniel,

    Quick question, I am a tad confused by some of the previous posts. Are vaccinations required now to enter into Cozumel? Today is July 30th and someone said that this started on July 26th? Nowhere has this been posted other than here in this.

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Patti, so a few websites posted last week that the governor of Quintana Roo mentioned this idea of checking for proof of vaccination OR proof of a negative Covid test before entering some businesses in the state. But we haven’t heard any details here or seen this in practice anywhere. Nor has it been mentioned since then. I haven’t even written about it on the page here because it’s not something actually happening at this point. If something like that ever materializes (doubtful), I’ll absolutely add it to the page.
      There are no vaccine or test requirements for entering Mexico.

  62. Word on the street is that Cozumel is greatly affected by COVID right now, mask requirements, testing requirements, reduced capacities, etc. Moreover, this is not being publish so that people will continue to show up. I was told this was due to the native population on Cozumel being susceptible to COVID. Can you confirm if Cozumel is open for business or will a trip there be hindered and possibly ruined by current state of COVID affairs.

    1. Hey Alex! I’m in Cozumel now and everything is open and folks are having a great time. The majority of local adults are vaccinated now and the Cozumel hospitals here are at just 8% full as of today. Masks are required in most public spaces but not at your restaurant table, in the pool, at the beach or snorkeling, which is where you’ll probably be 90% of the time haha. All the businesses are great about cleanliness and take your temp and give you hand sanitizer at the door, but besides that you wouldn’t notice much difference from normal. Capacities for hotels, restaurants and tours are at 60% or so which is just about right for comfort anyway. Whether you decide to come is up to you, but the Covid protocols likely won’t hinder your enjoyment. Hope that helps!

  63. Hey Daniel – thanks for an interesting website!!!

    I just saw that from 26 July onwards, all hotels and restaurants will require proof of vaccination to be able to enter. We are a family of 5 and all but our 11 year old son has been fully vaccinated. Do you perhaps know how this would impact young kids under 12 that currently still cannot get vaccinated? I cannot seem to find anything online, so was wondering whether you perhaps know from local news etc. Thanks!!!

    1. Hey Robbie, glad you like the site! At the present, I haven’t seen anyone enforcing this rule and I’m not sure how it will affect tourists vs. locals. In Quintana Roo children arent even eligible for the vaccine at this point so I can’t imagine a scenario where your child would have any issues regardless. I’m sure yall will have a blast!

      1. Thanks Daniel!! VERY much appreciated. Stay safe, and thanks for providing thousands of us with info and updates!!!!

  64. Is there an outdoor mask mandate in Quintana Roo at the moment? As in walking down the street? I am particularly interested in Playa del Carmen.

    1. Yeah the mask mandate is for outdoors in crowded areas especially, but its not really an issue since most of the time folks are eating, at the beach, in the pool or snorkeling! You’ll have a wonderful time regardless.

  65. So I’m a little confused about the covid test. Do we need a test coming from the US or not? What if a person is fully vaccinated?

    1. Hey Katie! You do not need a test coming from the US. Only when you are returning to America FROM Mexico.

  66. My husband and I have flights from the US to Cancun Aug. 24th and will be renting a car and staying in Playa Del Carmen at a condo downtown. With the new info coming out, I’m wondering if the restaurants and shops will be open and how “open” will Playa be. I know things can change rapidly but it’s just a few weeks out now and I have just 2 more weeks to cancel our condo. We don’t want to get in a situation that is going to be less than good. Additionally, we prefer not to be exposed to COVID if there’s an uptick there. Thank you for any info.

    1. My understanding is there are no plans to go back into red at this point and most restaurants, hotels, attractions, etc. will remain open at 60% capacity for the foreseeable future. Have a wonderful trip!

  67. Today is July 25th and there continues to be a spike in Covid positives in Cancun. Is there any talk, rumor or speculation that Quintana Roo will elevate to Red Status?


    1. Hey Mark. My understanding is there are no plans to go back into red at this point and most restaurants, hotels, attractions, etc. will remain open at 60% capacity for the foreseeable future. Have a wonderful trip!

  68. Hi Daniel,

    How are you doing?
    We just read about the new colors/codes for the different states and wonder if the state Oaxaca which just turned orange means that the bars and restaurants will close as well as the sightseeing? Because when Yucatan turned orange those things closed, am I right?

    Love to hear from you.


    1. Hey Mark. I can’t speak for Oaxaca as we are in Quintana Roo, but it has been orange here for a few months and restaurants and bars are all open at 60-75% capacity. There is a midnight curfew and nightclubs are not open, but besides that everything seems fairly normal honestly. All sightseeing and tours are active and available here with covid capacities and protocols in place. Quintana Roo and Yucatan feels very “open” to tourists who are all having a wonderful time! Have a great trip!

      1. Hi Daniel,

        Thanks for your quick response!

        We will just see and make it a great and safe trip.

  69. My wedding is in Riviera Maya In October, the hotel is telling me they are not allowed to serve buffets for weddings and all meals have to be plated. They are saying that is a government rule due to COVID. Is that a government policy? Any idea what it might take for that to be lifted?

    1. Hmmmm. I’m not sure about that Meg, sorry. Perhaps you could contact a few other hotels and ask about their “buffet status”. Sorry, I cant be of more help!

  70. I’m traveling to Riveria Maya July31-Aug7…my biggest fear is testing positive to return to US n I can’t be stuck in Mexico for another 14 days…do you think I should cancel? Are alot of tourists testing positive at all inclusive resorts? I can’t find any documentation on it.

    1. Hard to say. I haven’t heard of many tourists testing positive before departure but I believe it’s happened a few times. Plenty of tourists here now and the safety protocols are very good.

  71. Hello,
    Couple of friends and I are suppose to arrive 8/11 do you think curfew would still be in place by then? And does everything close at 11?

    1. Hard to say about curfew in August. I’d assume it will still be in place, but regulations are based on case numbers. Places are typically closing at 11 and you have until midnight to get back to your hotel. But there is SO MUCH FUN to be had during the day here, it’s not an issue for most people.

  72. For Antigen Testing at Cancun airport, even the airport website says that the mobile testing units there should be a “last resort.” How many extra hours should we arrive at the airport to make sure we can get tested?
    We are hoping to stay at a rural hotel near Piste/Chichen Itza which is not offering Antigen Tests, and making a special trip to Valladolid to find a clinic will surely take the better part of a day…

    1. I would suggest adding a good hour to your normal early arrival. Have you checked to see if any larger hotels near your hotel are offering tests? That might be something to consider. Good luck!

  73. Hello, my family and I are due to travel to Playa del Carmen the first week of August. I know Quintana Roo has been on “orange” for some time now. Due to increase in cases, do you think it would get to “Red” before the end of July? also, our children are not vaccinated but we keep their mask on all the time, is there any distance requirement in place?

    1. Hi Jessica. I don’t think it will go to red honestly. The vaccinations have really ramped up in Quintana Roo the past few weeks. Obviously, things can change, but at this point I don’t foresee returning to red. There are certainly distance requirements indoors in most places, but you shouldn’t find it to be an inconvenience. Everyone is still having a wonderful time! Thank you for asking your children to mask up around locals. Half of the folks here aren’t vaccinated yet so anything we can do to prevent introducing more virus here is much appreciated. Thanks again and have a fantastic visit!

  74. Hey! I have a few questions. Apologies in advance. I am planning on traveling solo to Tulum in the coming weeks. 1. Do I need a PCR test to enter Mexico from the US at this time? 2. Are the Airbnbs there safe to leave behind a decent amount of filming equipment and can you walk to the beach from them (I noticed most are near downtown)? 3. I’m assuming the ADO bus is the best way to get to Tulum- how do you book it and where does this drop you off? 4. I would like to stay a few nights in one of the beachfront hotels…which do you recommend for the most “Tulum” experience.

    THANKS! You have no idea how helpful this is! Any additional tips you have for a solo adventurer are also welcome.

    1. Hey there! 1. You do not need a Covid test to enter Mexico. 2. I can’t speak to the safety of Airbnb’s, sorry. If they are in downtown you should be able to walk to the beach. 3. The ADO bus is the cheapest and you can grab it right in the Cancun airport terminal. If you have a lot of valuable equipment, you might feel more comfortable pre aranging a shuttle service to take you. They pick up the airport too but are more expensive. 4. Oh man, there are different types of Tulum experiences! Check out our Tulum Hotel Guide.

  75. Hi!

    Me and my family are thinking of traveling to Quintana Roo in december and we will be fully vaccinated by then. I am wondering about the mask requirements, are they mandatory in all public places, like the beach?

    1. Hey Mike, December is a long way away so who knows honestly. Right now people wear masks in most public places but not on the beach, while seated in restaurants or in the pools. That’s like 90% of what you’ll probably be doing here anyway! 🙂

  76. Hello. My fiancé and I cannot wait to be at Secrets of Akumal Riviera Maya starting July 22nd for our pre-honeymoon/graduation trip.

    I have read that it is at 50-60% capacity right now, will this ramp up at the end of the month?

    Thank you for answering in advance.

    1. My guess is that it will remain at 50% occupancy through the end of the month, but honestly, who knows. We’ve been in “orange” for months and yet everything pretty much feels like normal here. I’m sure you folks will have a fantastic time!

      1. Thank you so much for replying! This is our first time traveling internationally and when we planned one before, the pandemic hit. We are both fully vaccinated and will take precautions to keep the staff safe as well.

        We are truly excited and I have no doubt we will have a lovely time! Thank you.

    1. Curfews are being sporadically enforced throughout Quintana Roo. Businesses are supposed to close at 11pm in most places and folks are supposed to be home and inside by midnight. Essentially making it a 12am-5am curfew.

  77. Hello.

    I am from Norway and visiting Aug 3-17. I have already receieved my first does in Norway. Can I get my second dose in Playa del Carmen?


    1. I don’t know what the situation will be in August, but right now the limited supply of vaccines in Mexico are being reserved for Mexican citizens. So my guess is that you will not be able to get vaccinated here.

  78. What about the restaurants? Is it all open? You have to make a reservation? We are going in a few weeks.. 🙂

    1. Restaurants are open at 60% capacity everywhere! Enjoy! Reservations are only needed at restaurants that typically would require reservations.

        1. I know that Quintana Roo is pushing very hard to get all tourism sector employees vaccinated as fast as possible. I’m sure many are vaccinated at this point but I doubt that all of them are yet. They are enforcing plenty of safety protocols though.

  79. I am booked for a trip July 11-18. What do you think the likelihood is that Quintana Roo will lock down because of a Red Light designation? I’m wondering weather to cancel before I lose money on the trip.

    1. Very, very unlikely. Vaccinations are ramping up across Quintana Roo and dozens of cruise ships are scheduled to arrive in July. The governor already hinted that they wouldn’t lock down again. Everything is open again and tourists are returning and having a wonderful time. You’ll have a blast I’m sure!

    1. The hotels are doing a wonderful job with Covid protocols. Exercise normal Covid cautions and you should have a wonderful time.

  80. Thank you for all of the great content. We have been pushing off our Tulum trip since May 2020. We are finally going late October of this year and we are so excited! As of today, it appears things are manageable as far as COVID is concerned and hopefully it only gets better between now and October. I will continue to check back for updates. Thanks!

  81. I’m very hopeful that we will be able to visit Mexico this year when the pandemic is over. I hope everyone stays safe down there.

    1. I have traveled multiple times to the Riviera Maya during Covid. It has been awesome. Few crowds and I’ve always felt Covid safe. In my opinion-this is the best time to go.

    1. Hi Daniel I’m travelling to cancun on the 17 Jan 2022 I believe its changed to yellow but are the bars and coco bongos still open thanks

      1. It has changed to yellow indeed, but bars and Coco Bongo are still open as far as I’ve heard. Pretty much everything is still as it was under GREEN.

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