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What To Pack For Your Mexico Vacation

The Best Stuff To Bring To Mexico

Updated November 2021

What To Bring
What to Pack For Your Mexican Vacation

Welcome to Our Packing Guide

The Mexican Caribbean is an enchanting wonderland of relaxation and adventure. With endless miles of beaches, Mayan ruins and other cultural sites, cenotes, jungles and more, one can easily have the trip of a lifetime there. Packing for such a vacation shouldn’t be hard, so we’ve put together a list to help you pack and included some of our favorites as well. We hope you enjoy!

The Mexican Caribbean is an enchanting wonderland of relaxation and adventure. With endless miles of beaches, Mayan ruins and other cultural sites, cenotes, jungles and more, one can easily have the trip of a lifetime there. Packing for such a vacation shouldn’t be hard, so we’ve put together a list to help you pack and included some of our favorites as well. We hope you enjoy!



Cameras, power adapters and e-readers oh my! A little bit of tech can make your vacation simpler and more enjoyable.

Our Picks

Best Travel Charger

This excellent multi-charger from Anker has all the ports you’ll need for your phones, tablets, and e-readers in one portable package. Ah, sweet, sweet simplicity.

Best Waterproof E-reader

E-readers have officially gone beach! The new waterproof kindle is an excellent way to entertain yourself as you work on that tan. The battery on this lasts for weeks and the backlight is adjustable for sunshine.

Best Accessories Organizer

Power cords, earbuds, headphone splitters, SD cards and all the rest. These electronic accessory organizer pouches are a travel godsend.

Best Waterproof Pool/Beach Speaker

Going to the pool or going to the beach, why not bring your music along! This portable Bluetooth speaker is best in class for portability to audio quality ratio. You can get a cool case for it as well.

Best Waterproof Sport Camera

The GoPro is the top-selling waterproof sports camera for a reason. They’re tough as heck, have incredible stabilization, and are immensely versatile. Be sure to also get an accessories kit to maximize the fun!

Best Slim Powerbank

Whether you’re going to be on a long daytrip to Chichen Itza or a long day at the beach, having extra power for your devices is a must these days. This Anker slim powerbank easily fits in your pocket.

Sun Protection

Sun Protection

The sun in Mexico can be hot, hot, hot! It’s important to protect your skin while also protecting the ecology of the reefs. We recommend UV shirts when possible and reef-safe sunblocks the rest of the time.

Our Picks

Best Reef Safe Sunblock

These days we have all realized how important it is to protect the natural waters of the earth. Using an Eco- friendly, reef-safe sun lotion is a great way to do just that.

Best Women's UV Swimsuit

A great way to take care of the earth and protect your skin, get a UV-blocking swimsuit. This one comes in a wide assortment of patterns and lengths so you can find one that fits your style.

Best Men's UV Swimshirt

So many UV swimshirts and rash guards are unnecessarily tight fitting. This UV shirt has a comfortable relaxed fit that is great for Mexico’s humid weather.

Clothing & Footwear

Clothing & Footwear

Leave your parkas and snow boots at home, we’re going to Mexico! Linen shirts, tank tops, flip flops and more. Dressing for the tropics isn’t just important, it’s fun!

Our Picks: Women

Best Beach Dress

Light, airy and perfect for all body types this dress will take you from brunch to cocktails while keeping you chic and comfortable. Available in 8 colors.

Best Women's Beach Shorts

Available in 18 colors, these are the ultimate relaxing beach shorts. Casual, airy and perfect with a drawstring and pockets.

Best Women's Linen Pants

Linen pants are fantastic at the beach. These well-fitting pants are available in 6 colors and are great for cocktails at sunset.

Our Picks: Men

Best Linen Pants

Linen clothes are a lifesaver when you are in a warm climate and want to stay cool while keeping your style on point. These pants are both cool and “cool”. Yeah, we went there.

Best Linen Cargo Shorts

We love linen in the tropics. It’s cool and comfortable in the hot climate. These shorts are great for hitting the beach or hiking around some Mayan ruins.

Best Men's Beach Shirt

Kahala Hawaiian Beach shirts are famous for softness and comfort in the tropics. Available in a number of colors, these are our go to’s.

Our Picks: Footwear

Best Sandals

Rainbow makes the best leather sandals period. They may feel a little snug for the first couple of days, but they will soon form to your feet and become an irreplaceable part of you.

Best Lightweight Hiker

Moabs for Women, Moabs for Men, Moabs for everyone! Heading into the jungle or exploring a Mayan ruin? These babies are the perfect companion for adventure.

Best Water Shoes

Stepping on a sharp rock at a craggy beach or in a cenote can ruin your vacation. We highly recommend these lightweight quick dry water shoes to keep your feet healthy! Available in 40 colors!

Beachy Things

Beachy Things

Spending a day at the beach is why you go to the Mexican Caribbean! Looking to make your beach day the best possible? Here are some of our favorites to take along.

Our Picks

Best Mini Beach Frisbees

We take these EVERYWHERE! These mini frisbees really fly. Made of soft silicone, you can fold them into your pocket and even throw them around inside. Available in a dozen patterns.

Best Ultralight Packable Beach Backpack

Collapses to the size of a beverage coaster to easily fit in your suitcase. This ultralight beach backpack is perfect for heading out to the sand!

Best Travel Towels

Heading to the beach and don’t feel like lugging a big hotel towel with you? Hiking to a cenote for an afternoon swim? These ultralight quick dry towels fit easily in your beach bag.

Luggage & Daypacks

Luggage & Daypacks

Choosing your travel bags is a very personal thing, we get that. However, we definitely recommend having more than one option. A small roller or trolly style bag is perfect for a quick getaway. Something a bit more flexible for longer travel adventures becomes very useful very quickly. Of course, we always recommend having a day pack also so you have something convenient to throw your water bottle, snacks and quick-dry towel in for all those on location adventures.

Our Picks

Best Carry-On Getaway Bag

This top-rated (and affordable) carry on bag comes in 12 colors and is perfect for a long relaxing weekend getaway or even a quick “business trip”.

Best Economy Checked Bag

This lightweight suitcase features a strong expandable exterior and well built zippers and spinner wheels. For an affordable checked suitcase, it’s hard to beat.

Best High End Checked Bag

This ridiculously cool bag from Delsey comes in three amazing colors and sizes, and has all the bells and whistles. Leather accents, garment hanger, integrated locks, and more.

Best Adventure Bag

This is the perfect adventure bag to invest in when you plan to travel through more rugged locations where you will most likely be riding in cramped public busses or trains.

Best Hydration Daypack

Available in 18 colors! This is an excellent hydration backpack that actually has enough room to put stuff in. Perfect for those city explorations, beach days, and hiking day trips.

Best Packing Cubes

We don’t even go on an overnight trip without at least one packing cube. They are compact, lightweight and keep everything neatly organized. We highly recommend getting a set with multiple sizes.



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